Publication - Observed and modeled near-wake flow behind a solitary tree

Monday 11 Mar 19

Dellwik, E., M.P. van der Laan, N. Angelou, J. Mann, and A. Sogachev.  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (February 2019). 

DTU Orbit

With a combination of detailed measurements and CFD simulations, the paper studies the interaction between the wind field and a solitary tree placed at the Risø campus of DTU. A high precision lidar made a 1-cm resolution scan of the tree structure, that was transformed into a very detailed tree model suitable for CFD. Additionally, the bending moment on the tree, taken from strain gauges mounted on the stem, provided the drag coefficient for the CFD model. The paper demonstrates how the mean velocity deficit in the wake of the deciduous tree has a strong seasonal dependence and is well reproduced by the CFD model.


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