How to subscribe to newsletter or RSS feed.

WAsP newsletter and RSS feed

Tuesday 16 Mar 21

If you do not visit regularly, you might want to subscribe to our WAsP newsletter or use an RSS feed.

The WAsP newsletter usually assembles a few news stories before publication, so it is not as frequent as posts on the homepage. In contrast, the RSS feed can direct news stories to your RRS reader with no delay. Both services are available at To subscribe to the newsletter, you provide your email address in the input box next to the news list. To catch the RSS feed, you right-click on the icon just above the news stories, select ‘copy link’ from the popup menu, and paste the feed into your RSS reader.

Outlook has a built-in RSS reader. To receive news in Outlook, you right-click ‘RSS feeds’ in the folder panel, select ‘Add a new RSS feed’ from the popup menu and enter the feed previously copied to the clipboard from the homepage.


How to subscribe to newsletter or RSS feed.