WEng 3.1 bug fix release note

Tuesday 20 Oct 15

Please update your WAsP Engineering and re-create recent projects

There is a problem with the water roughness calculations in WAsP Engineering 3.1 which means that fetch calculations will not be properly invoked. We recommend that you install the latest release of WAsP Engineering (3.1 release ‘E’) and recreate any projects which have been created with WEng 3.1.

What is the scope of the problem?

This only applies to projects created with WEng 3.1 from vector maps (using the built-in gridding converter), or projects created from grid maps which were created using the updated GridMaker utility program which was released with WEng 3.1. If you have projects created from your own grid maps, or which were generated using WEng 3.0 or earlier, then these are not affected.


What is the effect of the bug?

The roughness grid map will not represent water correctly. This means that the fetch calculation and water roughness are not engaged. In offshore and coastal sites, this will affect the wind speed predictions.


How can I see whether my project is affected?

In your existing WEng (Version 3.1 release ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’), you should open the fetch map and check that the distances to coasts are correctly displayed. If not, it’s a sign that the project should be recreated or fixed.


What should I do?

After installing the new WEng release (Version 3.1 release ‘E’), re-open the project. You should see a dialog alerting you to the problem, and offering to fix the maps. The roughness map is quickly corrected. Open the grid and check that water areas are correctly illustrated in blue. If this looks OK, then check the fetch map.


I use WindPRO, am I affected?

You may be, but there is no need to recreate any projects. Just repeating the calculations (after installing this update) will be enough to correct the results.



If you have any questions about this bug and its resolution, please contact WAsP support for clarification or guidance.




10 AUGUST 2020