WAsP Engineering 3 installation files

With the unlicenced versions of WAsP and WAsP Engineering ("WEng") you may open, view, copy and print the different kinds of information and files used by the programs.

Re. the the WAsP Map Ediotr and the WAsP Terrain Workshop: see DATA TOOLS.  

Please find the previous installation files here.

Scripts for WEng 3.

Release date Product Version Download file File size
20.10.2015 WAsP Engineering 3.1 Release E2 WEng-3-1-ReleaseE2-Build118.msi 36.2 MB
13.12.2013 WAsP Map Editor 11.3 MapEditor-11-3-ReleaseC-Build360.msi 17,343 KB
20.06.2016 WAsP Terrain Workshop 1 WAsPTerrainWorkshop-1-1-ReleaseA-Build1-64.exe 13.5 MB
13.10.2015 GeoProjectionDatabase GeoProjectionDatabase15.zip 31 KB
20.06.2016 WAsP Climate Analyst 3.1 Release A Waca-3-1-ReleaseB-Build27.msi 42.3 MB
04.05.2011 WAsP-WEng Scripting Documentation RveaScripting.chm 482 KB