WEng 2 installation files

Please find below the the installation files of the WAsP Engineering 2 package.

Start download by clicking on the appropriate link in the 'Download file' column below and select the option 'Save this file to disk'. Then, unzip the installation files and install by invoking the *.msi files. Please note that the WAsP applications provided below require that the new WAsP Licencing System is installed in order to run in licenced mode.

Previous WAsP Engineering 2 installation files are available from the Previous Installation Files page.

NB: WEng2 users who wants to use WAT will have to first install WAT 2.5 form the previous installation page and then install WAT 3.0 from here. The reason is that the old installation package includes software needed by WEng2 to activate WAsP8/9/10 and that piece of software is no longer included in the WAT 3.0 package because it is not needed for WEng3.

Scripts for WEng 2.

Release date Product Version Download file File size
13.10.2009 WAsP Engineering 2.0 WEng2SetupBuild154.msi 18,109 KB
11.11.2009 WAsP Map Editor 10.0 MapEditor10Build306-InstC.msi 13,417 KB
11.03.2008 WAsP Climate Analyst 1.1 Waca11Build112Setup.msi 18,484 KB
21.12.2011 Windfarm Assessment Tool WindfarmAssessmentTool-3-0-Build128.msi 8,186 KB
12.01.2006 WEng Scripting Documentation RveaScripting.chm 482 KB
20.04.2012 WAsP Licencing System Standard WaspLicencingSystem-4-0.msi 16.7 MB