WAsP 8 installation files

Please find below the the installation files of the WAsP 8 package.

Start download by clicking on the appropriate link in the 'Download file' column below and select the option 'Save this file to disk'. Then, unzip the installation files and install by invoking the *.msi files. Please note that the WAsP applications provided below require that the new WAsP Licencing System is installed in order to run in licenced mode.

Previous WAsP 8 installation files are available from the Previous Installation Files page.

Coexistence of WAsP 8 and WAsP 7. 

Please find more information about our WAsP Utility Programs (freeware) here.

After more than a year of development and thorough testing the new major WAsP version has now been released. The main new features of WAsP 8 are described below. Information about a specific installation or update may be viewed by clicking the relevant link in the 'Product' column on the download page.

New power calculation procedures

Prior to WAsP 8, the total power production of wind turbines was calculated from the total A- and k-parameters of the predicted wind climate. This has now been changed: in WAsP 8, the total power production is now calculated as the sum of the sector-wise power productions, which are in turn calculated from the sector-wise Weibull parameters. For this reason, WAsP 8 may not give exactly the same results as previous versions of WAsP – even with exactly the same input data! We believe that the new procedure in most cases will lead to more representative and accurate results.

Wind farms with mixed turbine types

The wind farm module of WAsP 7, based on the old DOS-program Park (shipped with the DOS WAsP 4 and 5 versions), has been extended to support also wind farms consisting of wind turbines of different types regarding hub height and power curves. The wind farm is now considered as a collection of individual turbines, implying that all features for a single wind turbine object are also available for a wind turbine member of a wind farm. The wake effect model, estimating power output from the individual wind turbines including the sheltering effect from neighboring turbines, is unchanged from WAsP 7 regarding the basic flow model, but the algorithm and the geometric calculations have been generalized to allow for individual hub heights and power curves. The basic flow model of the wake effect calculation is described in a paper by Katic, Højstrup and Jensen (1986).


Reporting facilities have been introduced for all calculational objects (wind atlases, met-masts, observed wind climates, single turbines, wind farms, resource grids). Each report is produced as an html-file (for some objects also as a Word-file) for easy inclusion into a wind farm project document. A sample report for a single wind turbine is available.

Elevation and RIX number

Evaluation of site elevation and site RIX value is now integrated in wind resource predictions for met-stations, turbine sites and resource grid points. The RIX parameters (analysis radius, threshold slope, number of sub-sectors) are included in the project configuration.

Objects in workspace no longer interacting

Contrary to WAsP 7, terrain- and data objects placed directly in the workspace are "invisible" to projects and their members to any depth, and to each other – e.g. a digital map or a static wind atlas in the workspace cannot be shared by two or more projects. The workspace is to be regarded only as a storage place for all kinds of objects – except projects ! – which are not used for the moment – but from where the objects can be retrieved if necessary.

Comprehensive workspace and project files

Workspaces – and optionally projects – are now saved in one single file, which contains all member objects of the workspace/project, to allow easy use in other connections. Where relevant, single objects may still be exported to a single file.


New terms regarding all-sector (omnidirectional) wind speeds distributions and turbine power outputs have been introduced.

Help system

WAsP 8 contains an updated comprehensive help system and on-line User's Guide.

Utility editors

Utility programs to create observed wind climate histograms, create and edit digital maps as well as wind turbine power curve files are included in the WAsP package.

Dongle-based licencing procedure

A new dongle-specific licencing procedure has been introduced with WAsP 8. This allows easy moving of a WAsP installation from one computer to another – without need to involve the Risoe WAsP team.


Release date Product Version Download file File size
09.03.2009 WAsP 8.4 WAsP84Build000.msi 26,949 KB
25.06.2007 WAsP 8 Map Editor MapEditor8.3Build238.msi 11,396 KB
20.04.2012 WAsP Licencing System Standard WaspLicencingSystemStandard.msi 7,851 KB