Download WAsP Engineering 3 scripts

WAsP Engineering scripts are written in VBScript, and saved as XML files. These can be developed after compilation of the program. Below is a list of scripts for use with WEng 3.

Release date Product Details Download file File size
24.11.2011 WEng 3 standard scripts list WEng 3 standard 303 KB
24.10.2012 Text file of flow angle results for all sites and winds info 134 KB
24.10.2012 Flow correction from mast to turbine sites info 182 KB
24.10.2012 Site-specific gust factors info 144 KB

The LIDAR correction script is now part of the standard collection. The WAT scripts are redundant, as you now should use the WATLauncher inside WEng3. Users who need to update private scripts for WEng3 should consultate the RveaScripting.chm file, available from WEng3 installation files, and maybe read this brief introduction.