Terrain Workshop

The Terrain Workshop is a free-ware utility program for 3-D viewing and conversion of vector- and grid-formatted digital maps.

Both orographic (elevation) grid-maps and roughness grid-maps are supported. The program may convert grid maps  to vector-maps, and vice versa.  

Release date Product Version Download file File size
08.10.2018 WAsP Terrain Workshop 1.1 Release E WAsPTerrainWorkShop1.1_ReleaseD_Build6_64.exe 7,21MB
14.06.2017 WAsP Terrain Workshop 1.1 Release D WAsPTerrainWorkShop1.1_ReleaseD_Build6_64.exe 6,08MB
06.06.2017 WAsP Terrain Workshop 1.1 Release C WAsPTerrainWorkShop1.1_ReleaseC_Build5_64.exe 6,08MB
11.04.2017 WAsP Terrain Workshop WAsPTerrainWorkShop1.1_ReleaseB_Build3_64.exe 6.0 MB
20.06.2016 WAsP Terrain Workshop WAsPTerrainWorkshop-1-1-ReleaseA-Build1-64.exe 13.5 MB
19 JANUARY 2020