WAsP Suite Installer

As of June 21st, 2016 WAsP, Wasp Engineering, WAsP Map Editor, WAsP Climate Analyst and the Windfarm Assessment Tool are installed from a single WAsP Suite installer.

The WAsP Suite installer ensures that all the programs included are compatible with each other and it allows you to install any subset of the software.  

Release date   Product Release
 Download installer file File size 
 05.07.2016  WAsP 11  Get It

168 MB

 WAsP Engineering 4 Get It
 WAsP Engineering 3  Get It
 WAsP Map Editor 11  Get It
 WAsP Climate Analyst 3  Get It
 WAsP Climate Analyst 2  Get It
 WAT 4 Get It

If you have existing WAsP software installed from previous releases, you can just run the WAsP Suite installer: the older versions will be automatically removed as part of the installation process.

In future, when we release new updated WAsP Suite installers, you can just run them to update your software: there will be no need to un-install anything first.

Previous Suite installers may be found Here.