Fuga 2 release notes

Fuga (Release A) 

Bug Fixes

  • Annual energy production (AEP) calculation avoids interpolation of turbine power curves, so now Fuga matches WAsP AEP results without wake losses precisely.
  • Fixed problem reading enhanced resource grids of WAsP 11.1 workspaces including turbulence and flow-inclination fields from WAsP CFD 
  • Fixed some problems after deactivation of nested turbine groups 
  • Corrected AEP results for projects with variable atmospheric conditions 

New Features

  • The licence-protected versions Fuga and FugaBatch are now compiled as 64-bit programs. This provides access to more RAM memory and allows calculations of larger wind-farm clusters.
  • Fuga no longer copies WAsP workspaces but works on original files.

Fuga (Release A)

This first commercially available version of Fuga is a minor modification of the version distributed to partners in the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator project and independent beta testers. The following new features are added:

  • The dongle-free licencing protection system known from WAsP 11 and WAsP Engineering 3
  • Support for WAsP 11 projects
  • Reorganisation of the Fuga file system separating software from data files the Microsoft way
  • New dialog for specifying surface roughness and atmospheric stability. Selection of too stable conditions, where the model becomes inaccurate, is now blocked.

7 APRIL 2020