Wind conditions for fatigue loads, extreme loads and siting

WAsP Engineering is the industry-standard PC software for calculation of wind conditions, which are relevant for fatigue loads, extreme loads and siting of wind turbines and wind farms. WAsP Engineering is used for sites located in all kinds of terrain all over the world and includes models and tools for every step in the process from wind data analysis to calculation of the wind conditions for a wind farm. More than 1750 WAsP Engineering licenses have been sold in about 50 countries.

Typical WAsP Engineering applications:

  • Calculation of wind conditions for IEC site assessment, e.g. wind shear, ambient turbulence, extreme wind and wind flow inclination for individual wind turbines in a wind farm (complete 61400 assessment also requires WAsP)
  • Siting of wind turbines in a wind farm

WAsP Engineering contains physical models to describe the wind flow over different terrains and close to sheltering obstacles. For horizontal and vertical extrapolation, WAsP Engineering uses the built-in LINCOM model, which will perform adequately for flat to moderately complex terrain. WAsP Engineering also contains three extreme wind models as well as the Mann turbulence model.

The data used by WAsP Engineering come from different sources. Wind data may come from wind measurements at an on-site meteorological mast or from meso-scale modelling results. The topographical description may be derived directly from space shuttle elevation data or from other data sets, while the land cover classification and nearby sheltering obstacles can be extracted from topographical maps, data bases or satellite imagery (Google Earth).

WAsP Engineering comes complete with freeware utility tools for wind data analysis and digital map construction and editing as well as IEC 61400-1 site assessment and IEC 61400-12-1 power performance measurements.

         Facts about WAsP Eng.
  • Industry standard for 20 years
  • More than 1750 users worldwide
  • WAsP Engineering predicts 50-year extreme winds for individual turbine positions
  • Flow and turbulence solvers of WAsP Engineering are formulated in Fourier domain