If you have project-related issues which do not fall under the WAsP support agreement or which are not directly related to WAsP at all we would still like to help you. We offer consulting services to the wind energy industry, and have done so for many years, e.g. within

  • Wind atlas studies
  • Short-term prediction
  • Due diligence/second opinion
  • Wind resource studies and QA
  • Offshore measurements analyses

The consulting services can be organised in basically two ways:

  1. At an hourly charge
  2. As a fixed-price offer

Re 1. If you choose this option, we charge you per hour for the work we do. We will need a guarantee for your payment, which e.g. could be your credit card number and a permission to draw an amount (up to a certain limit) from it. The hourly charge for 2013 is DKK 1,500 (approximately EUR 200/USD 280). This option is normally used for small tasks and pilot studies.

Re 2. The second option is that we estimate the number of hours and other expenses required to assist you and we give you a fixed-price offer. We will need payment in full before we can proceed.

Please contact the WAsP team for more information.