25 MAY

Software prices as of July 1st

Dear WAsP user,   To maintain the same quality and support that you are used to, our software prices will be adjusted.    Starting July 1st. 2020, the yearly...

15 MAR

New WAsP Bundle release

Now release with minor bug fixes are now available

03 FEB

Self-study Bundle - two courses, one purchase

This package deal allows you to learn about both WAsP and WAsP Engineering at your own pace.

24 JAN

WAsP 12.4.38 release B

Requirement for equal static thrust coefficients relaxed

24 JAN

Flexible wind-farm power curve in WAT 4.5

The Windfarm Assessment Tool (WAT) is a post-processor of results from WAsP and WAsP Engineering. The new WAT version 4.5 was recently released as part of the WAsP bundle...

WEng Online Course
23 JAN

Updated WAsP Engineering selfstudy course

The objectives of the course are to make you proficient in WAsP Engineering, familiar with the theory and aware of model limitations.

18 DEC

WAsP 12.4 and WAT 4.5 released

In WAsP 12.4 we introduce separate treatment of data layers in vector maps. Vector map data layers of orography, roughness and boundaries are now separately presented in...

A screendump of the Global Wind Atlas showing, how the atlas covers the entire world.
23 OCT

Global Wind Atlas 3.0 released

The latest release of the Global Wind Atlas contains all new data about wind resources around the world. As such, the Global Wind Atlas continues to help policymakers...

14 OCT

New WAsP Suite Installer Ready

A new update of WAsP 12 and WAsP Engineering 4 is now ready. Find out more about the bug fixes below.

26 SEP

Publication - Estimation of offshore extreme wind from wind-wave coupled modeling

Larsén, Xiaoli Guo, Jianting Du, Rodolfo Bolaños, Marc Imberger, Mark C. Kelly, Merete Badger, and Søren Larsen. “Estimation of Offshore Extreme...


WAsP Newsletter
30 JULY 2021