WEng4 Release Notes

This document describes the new features and other changes made.

Version 4.00.0096 Release B


This new release ‘Release B’ of WAsP Engineering fixes an error in the turbulence model, which was giving incorrect results for some sites at heights above 42 metres above ground level.  If you have done calculations for sites like this, they should be re-performed. The turbulence model results are not saved in the project file, but are of course embedded in report outputs and exports to the Windfarm Analysis Tool.


In addition, this new build restores the ability to copy and paste site locations from clipboard, which several people noticed.

Version 4.00.0093 Release A


New Feature:

  • Spectral-correction extreme wind analysis based on local short-term wind time series in combination with a long-term reanalysis wind time series from an internet database.



  • Vastly improved water fetch calculation speed;
  • More efficient use of flow model calculation runs, making calculations much faster;
  • The turbulent length scale is now limited to the IEC Standard value of 42 m;
  • Updated scripts;
  • Updated help file;
  • Bug fixes
3 APRIL 2020