WAsP Utility Programs (freeware)

The WAsP Utility Programs package has been discontinued with the release of WAsP 10. The functionality have been included  in WAsP, the Map Editor and the Climate Analyst.

This download page is for existing users of the original package only; the download files are password-protected and cannot be unpacked and installed without a password. The password is given int the Installation Guide.

The archive file WUPs31.zip contains the 17 utility programs which use the Windows Command Line Interface (CLI interface).

The  archive file LibInt17.zip contains LibInterpolator, a true Windows program.

Description documents and an installation guide are found here:

WUPs31_Description           LibInt17_Description    

WUps31_InstallationGuide    WUPsInterfaces


Release date Product Version Download file File size
20.01.2014 WAsP Utility Programs WUPs31.zip 1,709 KB
20.01.2014 Lib Interpolator LT LibInt17.zip 278 KB
30 MARCH 2020