Wind atlas and data tools

The WAsP Climate Analyst is a freeware utility tool for wind energy engineers, which is designed for import, selection and analyses of wind data time series – including generation of observed mean wind climates for wind resource assessment and observed extreme wind climates for IEC site assessment. The observed mean wind climates and observed extreme wind climates generated with the WAsP Climate Analyst can be imported directly into WAsP and WAsP Engineering, respectively.

The topographical descriptions of the met. station and wind turbine sites can be derived directly from space shuttle elevation data in the WAsP Map Editor. With this tool you can also read, edit, view and transform several other vector formats of elevation and land cover data, including common GIS formats and files exported from Google Earth. In addition we provide the WAsP Terrain Workshop for advanced 3D-viewing and vector-grid format conversion.

The wind turbine is specified by power and thrust curves and these data may be established and edited using the WAsP Turbine Editor.

The WAsP CFD result viewer allows you to study WAsP CFD solutions in detail.