09 JAN

SRTM import may fail

Update: Map Editor SRTM download problem solved Some users have had problems with SRTM-import via the Map Editor. This problem is now solved. Map Editor users...

05 JAN

Spectral Correction method - Data coverage increased

Long-term reference wind data provided by DTU Wind Energy now cover alm ost all European countries, Turkey, the USA, China, India, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand...

16 DEC

WAsP self-study course experiences

DTU Wind Energy is offering a flexible and affordable WAsP training course . The course is designed to be cost-effective and to maximise the learning outcome versus resources...

15 DEC

Merry Christmas

Thank you for your cooperation in 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 with exciting new features in the WAsP software suite.

13 DEC

RUNE project shows future of near-shore wind resource estimations

There is a worldwide interest in reducing the costs of offshore wind energy, which can be achieved by cheaper and more accurate estimations of the wind resources before...

12 DEC

WAsP course in May 2017

The WAsP Team will be hosting a WAsP course and WAsP Certification in May 2017. 

30 NOV

Dreaming of becoming a wind turbine owner

A domestic wind turbine is a dream for many and a way to support the economy of a self-sustained and environmentally friendly home. There is, however, a risk that the...

25 OCT

WAsP Version 11.5 Release C

This release extends the ranges of height and roughness length within which WAsP will model the wind climate. It also contains some important bug fixes, especially regarding...

17 OCT

WEng version 4.0 release D

WAsP Engineering 4 has been updated especially regarding the recent implementation of Extreme wind calculations by the Spectral Correction method where missing or bad...

07 OCT

Sometimes, walls make sense

An ancient Chinese proverb goes like this: When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, and others build windmills.


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18 JANUARY 2019