05 DEC

Global Wind Atlas 2.0 launched

The World Bank has just launched a new global wind atlas that considers the impacts of high-resolution climatology and topography on the wind resource by employing meso...

29 SEP

WAsP can be automated!

Did you know that it is possible to automate WAsP to run through a series of different options, or to re-perform some calculations from time to time with different or...

10 AUG

A generations worth of WAsP software

The very first software package containing the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program (WAsP) was shipped to a German university in the summer of 1987 – thirty years...

30 JUN

WAsP course from 24-26 October 2017

The WAsP Team will be hosting a WAsP course and WAsP Certification in October 2017. 

27 JUN

Spectral Correction - Data coverage increased

The Long-term reference wind data provided by DTU Wind Energy has now been extended with the Middle East. The WAsP Team will continue to expand the coverage; currently...

20 JUN

Uncertainty of background roughness and wind resource

A form has been derived to estimate the uncertainty in WAsP’s ‘horizontal extrapolation’ caused by uncertainty in background roughness length (Kelly & J ø rgensen...

14 JUN

WAsP Terrain Workshop release

This release fixes a bug in vector map rendering in case the vector map elevations are below 0 m

07 JUN

Validation of the Global Wind Atlas

A validation of the Global Wind Atlas using WAsP was recently presented a t the WindEurope Resource Assessment workshop in Edinburg.

01 JUN

Survey on land surface data

The InnoWind project ( ) focusses on the development of novel satellite-based data layers for flow modelling in connection with wind energy - and to...

31 MAY

DTU and WAsP goes offshore in London 6-8 June

DTU Wind Energy and WAsP will be attending the offshore wind energy conference in London next week.


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18 DECEMBER 2018