Meet the WAsP Team at EWEA 2013 in Vienna

Friday 08 Feb 13

The WAsP Team will be available for answering questions as well as for product demonstrations - or just for a good chat on WAsP issues at EWEA 2013, 4-7 February in Vienna. You will find us at the DTU Wind Energy stand - AF 10 - every day of the exhibition.

On Tuesday 5 February at 16:00, we will be Introducing WAsP 11 (WAsP CFD). The presentation will be given at the DTU Wind Energy stand - AF 10 - by Andreas Bechmann and Brian Ohrbeck Hansen. The presentation will aim to answer questions like What is WAsP 11, Why WAsP 11?, How does WAsP 11 work? and How do I get WAsP 11?

WAsP 11 is the latest version of WAsP, which now includes a fundamentally new approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for wind resource assessment in complex terrain. We call it WAsP CFD and it combines WAsP with the CFD solver Ellipsys in the elegant WAsP graphical user interface that you already know.

For more information, please download the article WAsP CFD - A new beginning in wind resource assessment by Senior Researcher Andreas Bechmann.
18 DECEMBER 2018