WAsP 11.0 Release B

Release notes

Changes and new features

Version 11.0.0214

11.0 release B:

Fixes some problems regarding:

  • Display of Wind Farms and Obstacles
  • Functioning of the Calculation Manager
  • Installation of the palette file
  • Version number reporting

Version 11.0.0212

11.0 release A:

New features

  • Most importantly: Introduction of the WAsP-CFD feature: terrain effects are calculated by an external CFD-model (Ellipsys), resulting in higher accuracy, especially in case of complex terrain;
  • New Terrain Analysis hierarchy member, to which vector maps are always associated
  • New Generalized Wind Climate (*.gwc) file format replaces the Wind Atlas (*.lib) file format
  • Vertical wind profile model and parameter settings are now part of the Generalized Wind Climate file; a number of model parameters, which in WAsP 10 and earlier versions were saved with the WAsP project, are now saved with the Generalized Wind Climate file
  • Unlimited number of points in WAsP terrain map files
  • A number of features like map-handling and resource-grid calculations have been improved over WAsP 10;
  • A new dongle-free, internet-based licensing system is introduced

For details: see What's new in WAsP 11

13 DECEMBER 2018