WAsP Climate Analyst Rel.B

Climate Analyst 2.0 release notes

This document describes the releases, the bug fixes and other changes made.

Version New features in this release

Version 132 does not differ from build 128 except it is a stand-alone installation, not requiring WAsP nor WAsP Engineering to be installed. Also, no WAsP nor WAsP Engineering licence is required.

Version New features and improvements in this release

  • New observed extreme wind climate file format needed for generation of OEWC files to be used with WAsP Engineering 3.0
  • Multiple file import
  • Climatological fingerprint

Problems fixed in this release

  • Making a subset of a datafile immediately after loading now functions again
  • Fixes an irritating bug regarding "Create Singleton Error", also in WAsP itself.
18 DECEMBER 2018