WAsP Map Editor

WAsP Map Editor Release notes..

MapEditor10-1-Build320.msi :
- includesGeoProjection Database 11, to which the "Israel Transversal Mercator" Projection has been added
- the licence check has been removed for use with WasP Engineering 3.

Version 10. installation package "C":
- includesGeoProjection Database 11, to which the Argentinian projection has been added
- solves an installation problem with non-English Windows systems.

Version 10.0:
Please notice that the exe-file and the help-file (*.chm) are now named WAsPMapEditor10.

Afew bugs have been corrected since build 290 (MapEditor9):
1) artifact LFR-errors in special cases; fixed.

2) LFR-error calculation break-down in special cases; fixed.

3) Dead-ends not updated when line-type is changed: fixed.

Some (2) new features have been implemented since build 290 (MapEditor9):

1) Import of Golden Software BLN-maps.

2) Import of Shape-file maps (*.shp). Roughness information from the associated database file (*.dbf) is so far disregarded.

Please consult the "What's New?" topic in the on-line Help for more details.

10 DECEMBER 2018